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Why Mobile Responsive Websites Matter

Why Mobile Responsive Websites Matter

I read a report from Google this week that makes for interesting reading.

According to a Google report, searches related to shopping on smartphones increased by 120% in the last year. I’m sure the fact that mobile searches have risen surprises nobody, but a 120% increase is pretty impressive and shows us why mobile responsive websites do matter.

A New Front Door To The Store

As well as the obvious increase in online sales from these searches, Google also reported a large increase in shoppers making visits to their local store as a result of the mobile search. Many of the large retailers are even starting to refer to smartphone as 'a new front door to the store'!

Local Searches Rise

Local shopping and searches have also risen on smartphone devices with the US reporting 2.4X year on year growth with searches containing the words ‘near me’. A customer survey also found that 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on smartphones went on to visit a store within 24hrs of the search and 18% of these lead to an in-store purchase.

The stats are impressive but what really catches my attention is how the smartphone isn’t only increasing online sales, but it is actually driving more shoppers into physical retail stores as well (well at least to those stores who have embraced their mobile website anyway).

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