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What Is SEO and is it really worth it?

What Is SEO and is it really worth it?

What is SEO and is it really worth it?

I'm often (and understandably) asked the question what is SEO?

Well I could go on for hours explaining it – In fact I could go on for days, but most people really don’t like me doing that hence I don’t get invited to many parties these days!

So I’m going to attempt to sum SEO up in just a few paragraphs for you.

An overview

The simplest way to explain SEO is that it’s a process of improving the visibility of a website on Google to get more traffic to your website and more sales from it. The higher you are in Google the more traffic and sales you can expect.

Is it easy?

No, it’s far from easy, but the results are well worth it.

Thousands of other websites are competing for those top 10 spots on Google too, so competition is really tough. Many of those sites are poorly set up for SEO though, so if you invest in your site’s SEO you can take advantage and start pushing your competitors aside!

What’s involved?

SEO can be one of the most rewarding and yet maddening processes known to man. There are no set rules, there are no guides that suit all websites and just when you start making some headway, Google changes the rules and you need to change your methods!

What are the rewards?

The rewards of an ongoing SEO strategy are huge, people have made their millions by using SEO to drive traffic to their website. When you reach the top pages of Google the website starts attracting huge attention and turns into your very own 24-7 sales machine.

I love coming into work in the morning and finding the web enquiries sat in our inbox!

Is it quick?

No it’s very time consuming and can be very technical too, you need to be on top of it every day. Most people don’t have the time for this and blindly refuse to invest, but this can work to your advantage if you stick to the SEO on your website.

Should you invest in SEO?

Yes. It’s a simple answer, yes you should invest as you are investing in the future of your company. If you get it right you will have customers beating down the doors to buy from you. The selling then becomes easy!


If we were to offer you a large sales team for less than the price of one person’s monthly salary, would you take it? How about if that same sales team happily covered the entire country for you, or even the world? What if they also agreed to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no holidays or sickness. Would you take it then?

Your website can become that sales team for you!

The final act

SEO is very complex. There’s far more to it than I can mention here and the twists and turns can be mind boggling! So if you would like more information then I’m very happy to explain further. We can even run an appraisal on your website and your competition to see what we’re up against. Simply arrange an SEO consultation with us. 

I hope our post was useful to you.

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