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The cost of a website

The cost of a website

Often we are asked the timeless question – how much does a website cost?

Before we answer this question, how can you actually define the difference between an expensive and inexpensive website? Is it defined by the set-up cost, the on-going maintenance or by the new business it creates? Or is it by the visual impact created, the growth in audience numbers or by the content? Ascertaining cost for a website is more complicated than finding the cheapest rates online.

Last year we had a meeting with a potential new client which transformed the dynamics of pricing a website.

We were quoting on a new website contract with a Marketing Manager of a well-known company, and even though the final stages were on the horizon not once had we discussed pricing. This was quite unusual and unlike all other contracts we had previously come across. Valuing our honest approach with all our clients, we broached the subject with our prospect and was surprised by their answer:

“A website is only expensive if it doesn’t deliver… I’m more interested in what you and your team are going to do to make this website work for us than I am in the initial price”

The conversation continued with them elaborating on their website journey. Having previously opted for a cheap website, focusing on cost rather than quality, their consequential action meant that they had missed out on new business opportunities.

The company now wanted to focus on the quality of the website rather than the cost. More profound requirements, which had resulted from the disastrous mistake made the first time round, were called upon including consistent project management and on-going maintenance of the live site. The company wanted a high performing website, which could potentially produce long-term opportunities, consequently adding value to their investment rather than hindering potential new business.

A lot can be learned from this company’s statement that ‘a website is only expensive if it doesn’t deliver’. In our experience, a website will sustain and expand on the invested cost as long as it performs highly and adapts to its audience and the dynamics of expandable search engines. The overall cost of the website cannot be defined by the initial start-up price but by the reoccurring opportunities and value of potential new business which can emerge from an impacting and durable website.

Our advice from this encounter is never to choose your website or design agency on initial cost alone, there is far more to be considered. Instead, explore what long term value a great website could have on your business? Do your research. Find a team who cares about your business, look at their portfolio of long-term achievements, ask what online marketing support they can offer and don’t stray away from why you are redeveloping your current website in the first place.

Remember, your website isn’t just a piece of artwork on the internet. It is your window of business opportunity – your online marketing tool. Use it to your advantage!

How much is a website? It depends on your investment!

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