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Sainsbury Argos Takeover

Sainsbury Argos Takeover

Sainsburys have been given the go-ahead to takeover Argos by the UK's competition authority and if this goes through it could make a huge impact on the world of ecommerce!

The two retailers welcomed the step forward as it clears the way to begin building a new multichannel retail giant capable of rivalling Amazon! The deal still has a few last hurdles to clear but looks set to go ahead. 

Sainsburys have been attracted by the technology and logistics behind the new Argos Fast Track same day service, as well as Argos success in mobile ecommerce which accounts for something close to 30% of all Argos sales. In fact it has been reported that 50% of all Argos sales now come via the internet! On the flip side Sainsbury's online store and delivery service hasn't been it's biggest success, so you can see the attraction for Sainsburys.

Ecommerce retailers should watch this story carefully as it could change the way the ecommerce market place works.

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