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Richard's Rant

Richard's Rant!

Yes you’ve guessed it… we’ve had a website facelift.

But the truth is it’s left me a little embarrassed.


Because it has been far too long in the making!

We’ve not practiced what we’ve preached.

And that’s what embarrasses me.

You see, we always stress the importance of good website design to our clients. We go on and on about the website being the first impression a potential client will get of your business.

I always compare a website design to window dressing on a high street. Potential customers with money in their pocket walk along the street browsing in the shop windows, occasionally pausing to look at a product that’s caught their attention.

It’s precisely this moment where a sale will be made or lost!

They’ve recognised a product they like so they stop to take a look, then their eyes wonder around the other products, brands and marketing in the window. They finally take a peek into the shop itself and make a decision whether to enter or whether to walk on. It only takes seconds, but it will make or break the chance of making a sale.

If potential customers keep walking by, the shopkeeper will re-dress the window again and again until they get the balance just right.

It’s the same process for a website. The viewer starts by typing in the product or service they’re looking for into Google. A long list of results pop up, they see one that catches their eye so they click it. They look at the resulting website and make one of two judgements in a very short time…

  1. Wow! yes, let’s spend some time on this website.
  2. Yuck, no way, let’s move on to the next one!

So finally, with all this in mind, I have two questions:

  1. Why did Brookstone leave it so long to re-design their outdated website?
  2. Why do so many business owners put up with out-of-date and ugly websites?

The answer: Both are a little too comfortable in their own success and forgot to take a regular look at their own website! A slap on the wrist is required for both.

Rant over.

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