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Joomla vs Wordpress

Joomla vs Wordpress

Joomla or Wordpress

Joomla and Wordpress are CMS platforms on which websites are built, they are arguably the two best platforms on the market, but which would we recommend, Joomla or Wordpress? We are asked this question many times and it’s not as easy to answer as you may think. The question seems to evoke an emotional response amongst supporters of each, almost like asking whether Apple or Android is best!

We carried out extensive research on which platform to build our websites when we first set up our business. We needed to be sure that our platform of choice would support our clients needs from the initial website design right through to expanding their business, it needed to be future proof for us and our clients, it needed to be good for SEO and Google and to be a strong marketing platform.

The conclusion we drew was that Joomla is very much the Apple of the web world and Wordpress is very much the Android. Both platforms seem very good, they have their strengths and their weaknesses and both have their loyal supporters. We decided to become specialists in both Wordpress and Joomla, but favour the Joomla platform for any new websites we design.

Wordpress seems to be slightly ahead of Joomla in brand recognition and seems to have a large following in the small business sector, especially with start-ups, sole traders and small partnerships, whereas Joomla seems to be favoured by the medium to large business sector.

From our research it would seem that many small business owners seem to choose Wordpress because it is recognised and recommended within their business network support, whilst many medium to large businesses seem to pick Joomla based on recommendation from their marketing and IT managers – they see Joomla as more of a robust and stable marketing tool than Wordpress. We’ve heard IT departments refer to Wordpress as a toy at times and Joomla as a business tool. We wouldn’t necessarily go this far though as we have worked on many high-end sites built on Wordpress and it is not a toy.

Of the two platforms, we find Joomla to be a little more robust and stable than Wordpress with less chance of conflicts between plug-ins and extensions as the site ages. Although both are good for SEO and Google Joomla seems to have the edge there from our experience, hence our decision to use Joomla for new websites.

So as you see, the choice between Joomla and Wordpress isn’t an easy or obvious one, but we do think Joomla has the edge so it’s the platform we recommend for new websites of companies of all sizes.

We hope this helps and you are welcome to call us to discuss the technical side in more detail.

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