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Budget Websites v Premium Websites

Budget Websites v Premium Websites

Budget Websites or Premium Websites

Choosing what kind of website you need can be challenging. Do you use a low cost template or do you invest into a custom built website? Is it worth the investment or equally, is a non-adjustable template worth the reduction in sales opportunities.

We regularly have enquiries asking us to help business owners with their budget template based websites. Choosing the low cost solution may be financially viable in the short term but as we recognise from experience, it is not cost effective in the long run. Not only do these websites have minimal scope to expand with your business and requirements but the same template is possibly being used by hundreds of other businesses so exclusivity is rare if not non-existent.

New business owners are also in a predicament. With little experience of websites never mind building one from scratch, the website selection process becomes one huge mystery to them and unfortunately they become swayed by the price rather than the quality of a great website. Without knowing what makes a good or poor website, the final decision becomes based on cost which in the long run can actually work out more expensive for them.

In our experience we have found that budget websites actually work out being much more costly than a premium custom based website. If you look at the time spent deciding on the finer details of the website, paired with the number of lost sales resulted from a poorly executed budget website, then that initial investment becomes infinitely higher than you had originally signed up for.

A custom built website, may initially appear more costly but actually works out to be a lot more affordable and maintainable in the long run. A custom built website is an individual website designed and created solely for you. It provides you with ownership of the layout, the colours and style and allows you to have input in the overall design and online presence.

The coding is unique to you as the business owner and not to the designer. You have the rights over your website. In terms of sales and growth, custom built sites are highly favoured by search engines such as Google who just loves unique content. This then becomes your long term investment. Your search status increases, which subsequently raises the opportunity for new sales and enquiries. This is not the case with budget websites. You can also expand the website to fit with your business growth giving you more freedom in how it looks and how it is viewable to your audience.

Remember, when choosing a new website or even upgrading an existing website, you need to ask yourself if cost should be the deciding factor or if quality and future growth is much more credible for your business, therefore worth the investment. Which one you choose, should be measured against your long term business goals.

As we tell our clients “An expensive website isn’t about cost but one that doesn’t bring in business. Instead it brings you endless hours of frustration and time spent redesigning”.

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