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Brookstone Opens Studio No 2

Brookstone Opens Studio No 2

Our new studio has been a long time coming, but the wait has been so worth it, as it allows us to continue our growth without being forced into leaving our beautifully converted 18th century hosiery mill.

So this is how it now looks …

Studio 1 is the creative studio. It’s the room for creative meetings, photography, idea generating, creative workshops, web white boarding & branding… Basically it’s our place to dream up new and wonderful creative designs and marketing. It’s also the place for learning and research, keeping on top of all the latest innovation and design in the creative world. It’s peaceful, it’s inspiring and it’s certainly a place to let your mind wonder.

Studio 2 is warmly referred to as the creative engine room and it’s the polar opposite of studio 1. It’s noisy, it’s fast paced it’s packed full of creatives all pushing the boundaries of design and marketing. It’s the room where studio 1 ideas travel to, to get crafted into working designs. There’s lots going on in here, it’s not for the faint hearted or those seeking peaceful solitude, it’s creative chaos at it’s best!

Here's a snapshot of studio 2 and as soon as it's decorated we will get some quality photos uploaded. 

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