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We are SEO experts with extensive knowledge of Google, AdWords & the Google Display Network.

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Digital Marketing and SEO

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If you are reading this page you are probably looking for ways of increasing your share of online sales and enquiries. But which digital marketing columns should you be using and which would suit your business the best?

There isn’t a simple answer as each business performs differently with digital marketing, so some detailed analysis of your business and current marketing activity would be required to answer this, but as a guide we’ve listed our 5 favourite digital marketing tools below:


Our Favourite 5 Marketing Tools:


1) SEO

SEO is becoming ever more important as the internet becomes saturated with websites, blogs and articles all covering your business topic. SEO helps you fight past this clutter and get your website onto the all important top pages of Google. SEO is an absolute must for all websites as it gets you into the exact place your target market is looking for products and suppliers.


2) Google Adwords

Adwords (otherwise known as Pay Per Click or PPC) allows you to get an advert to the top pages of Google for the keywords & search terms you select. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and a real money generator as long as you have the time to carefully monitor the data it feeds back, otherwise it can do the opposite and become a money pit. We’ve had some great success with Adwords so it remains one of our favourite weapons of choice for digital marketing.


3) Social Media

This is a perfect way for many companies to communicate with their audience and build up their brand. Social Media basically allows fans of your business to promote you to their friends, so it’s your job to build up the brand and the fan base, then sit back and let them do the ‘selling’ for you. Get it right and nothing is more powerful, but say the wrong thing and you can watch it crumble like a house of cards, so take great care.


4) Google Display Network Ads

This is similar to Adwords in that it is paid advertising, but Display Network Ads work through graphically designed adverts, rather than text ads like Adwords. Display Network Ads are like the modern-day equivalent of magazine or newspaper advertising, but far cheaper and far more powerful. The tools for targeting an exact audience are incredibly powerful, especially when paired up with Adwords. Display Network Ads do require some graphic design experience to get the most from it as you need to test different styles of advert.   


5) Remarketing

Remarketing is similar to (but not the same as) Display Network Ads in that it uses graphical adverts. But whereas Display Network Ads target a wide audience, Remarketing advertises to people who’ve already visited your website and shown an interest in you. If used correctly it’s an incredibly powerful and cost-effective marketing tool as it keeps your brand at the front of the minds of the target clients.


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