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Walkbury Electronics Website

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Walkbury are a global supplier of PCB's and required a website that would deliver a huge visual punch to customers worldwide. They were also keen to get high on Google and be able to edit the website in-house if need be.

What We Did:

We worked closely with their very dynamic marketing manager who was pushing Walkbury's approach to marketing into new territories. We identified their target clients and preferred marketing strategies and then built the website to support this new direction. The new website supports their email marketing, Adwords, SEO, telephone sales, magazine adverts and exhibitions.

The Result:

The result was like unleashing the marketing department. Gone were the days when target clients were put off by their old fashioned approach to branding – now Walkbury have clients asking to work with them and they've left their competitors standing still!

Visit The Site!

Don't just take our word for it, have a look around the live site by clicking on the link: www.walkbury.co.uk

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