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Paul Streather is attracting a lot of press right now as his racing career climbs to new heights. He seems to be a regular feature on TV and newspaper intervies, so a website suddenly came important to support this attention.

What We Did:

Paul had a Facebook page but little else and the world of websites was quite new to him, so we began by sitting down and explaining what options were available and exploring the aims and targets for the new website. It was decided the site should be a source of reference for fans and the media, as well as a place for potential sponsors to get more information, so a design was developed around this brief as well as including his racing colours and urban cammo that appears on his car.

The Result:

Paul was delighted by the result and how fast we managed to turn it around, it was a race against time but we managed to launch the site one day before media day and in time to see him win the first race of the season! Well done Paul.

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