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Our brief was to create a brand that in some way managed to combine minimalism with style and sophistication. The logo had to tell a story of partnership and the website had to communicate the message in as few pages as possible, without a permanent menu bar. A full stationery pack was also required along with exhibition graphics and signage. It was a tall order!

What We Did:

To put it simply... we tore up the rulebook and went off-piste. We ran several creative workshops with Lockstock where we studied and experimented with design and functionality. We then worked alongside copywriters and photographers to build the look, feel and tone of voice of their brand and website.

The Result:

It was one of our most challenging projects to date. Everything had to be absolutely perfect before being approved. The exhibition graphics and banners had a very short lead time and the website pushed us into areas of coding we never knew existed! But at the end we could all stand back and cry a collective “WOW”… And that’s exactly what Lockstock wanted from us.
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