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Dressini is a high end clothing boutique in Leicestershire, their old website was very dated and difficult to edit. One of the most important requirements for Dressini was the ability to swap dress images quickly and easily as well as being able to use the site for proactive digital marketing.

What We Did:

We began by taking a detailed look at industry related websites and examining the way viewers navigate and use these websites. From there we put several design proposals to Dressini and guaged their reaction to these sites. The final design was developed and evolved into the site you see today.

The Result:

The result is a visually stunning website that's easy to navigate and inspires the viewer to visit Dressini. It is also a very powerful marketing tool to help Dressini grow their business.

Visit The Site!

Don't just take our word for it, have a look around the live site by clicking on the link: www.dressini.com

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