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The Charnwood project was one of the most unusual briefs we have received. They already had a website that converted a good supply of sales, but had received news from the host they were closing their web business and could no longer host the site. To further complicate things, the site was built on old proprietary software, so they couldn’t transfer it to a new designer, so our brief was to redesign the site on to an open source platform, as quickly as possible and to keep the styling close to the original.

What We Did:

We redesigned the site in its current form onto a modern open source web platform that wouldn’t pin Charnwood into a corner again. After running a couple of creative workshops with Charnwood they did warm to the idea of modernising certain elements of its functionality as technology had moved on, but they were strict that the styling remained close to the original to avoid a drop in sales from their repeat customers.

The Result:

The technology behind this site was quite complex and forced us to explore areas of ecommerce we had never ventured into before. The result for Charnwood was a continuation in orders to begin with followed by an increase in orders after that. The site also received good feedback from their customers and didn't drop on Google, so everyone was happy.

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