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Our Story

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The Thinking Behind Brookstone Creative...


Founded in 2010 by experienced Directors, Richard Stinson and Karen Flavel, Brookstone was established from a spark of an idea and went on to become the backbone of the ever expanding creative design agency.

The makings of Brookstone came together in a meeting, for what was then, their monthly printed business magazine. Although the magazine was a great success, it had always been a frustration that once the magazine left the press there was little more that could be done for their advertisers. The burning question, after every print run, was always:

“Is this the best we can do for our clients?”

But this time the answer was different - simple, creative yet courageous:

“We need to offer more than print, we need to back up the magazine with digital marketing!”

It was a bold and unexpected statement, but why not? They already had a wealth of experience in graphic design and marketing, so why constrain themselves or their advertisers to a monthly magazine with limited geographic reach when 24:7 digital marketing was available?

It became Brookstone’s defining moment.

Their growth and popularity increased rapidly as advertisers saw their return on investment increase. Brookstone’s digital marketing and web designs were suddenly very much in demand!

Digital marketing had unshackled Brookstone’s creative monster, and once unleashed, it provided amazing results!

Another big decision was called for and the magazine was retired to allow Brookstone to focus all of their energy and resource into web and digital marketing. A new studio and team of designers, marketers and coders were brought together and Brookstone Creative was formed. The rest is history as they say and Brookstone have gone on to build an agency providing online marketing, web design, SEO and graphic design.

They may not be your typical group of bearded, slipper wearing designers...

But they do make an exceptional cup of tea (you should try it!) and are always keen to unearth new and innovative ways of unleashing their creative talents on their client's business.

In stark contrast to industry norm these guys prefer face to face meetings over a cup of tea, rather than virtual online meetings. They say it's the best way to learn about the client and their goals.

Anyone for tea and creativity?

Our Talented Team...
talented, quirky and incredibly diverse!


Richard Stinson

Karen introduces Richard: Richard is our Business and Marketing Director. He has a wealth of hands-on business and marketing knowledge which he uses to great effect with our clients. Richard and I set up Brookstone Web and Graphic back in 2011 and there was just the two of us back then. Richard was the marketing brains and I delivered the designs – wow, how we’ve grown since those days! When meeting with clients he has this way of putting them at ease and delving deep into their business to come out with some incredible marketing ideas that nobody had spotted before. When he isn’t with clients he can usually be found creating havoc around our office by pushing the team out of our their comfort zones, pushing for new designs and technical concepts. It can be a bit scary at times but we’ve come up with some incredible ideas that way.

Karen Flavel
Lead Designer/Owner

Richard introduces Karen: Don’t tell her this but if it wasn’t for Karen there would never have been a Brookstone. Back in 2011, we started from nothing with little chance of surviving the recession of the day, but she’s such a brilliant designer I couldn’t fail to win business (don’t tell her that)! Karen has a wealth of design experience from working with some of the best graphic designers in Leicestershire. From designing fashion brochures to managing photo shoots, Karen is a pure driving force of design inspiration and creativity. She not only creates beautiful attention grabbing artwork, she can fluently program her ideas into HTML coding too, a rare double skill to possess! If you have an idea in mind Karen will bring it to life, if you don’t have an idea in your mind, she will create one! Karen brings an enthusiastic and joyful atmosphere to the design team and as long as the kettle is permanently boiling she’s the creative and technical engine of Brookstone.

Philip Noon
Senior Developer

Philip specialises in technical Graphic Design and CMS Web Design. He provides a wealth of ideas and creativity to Brookstone as well as technical design expertise in engineering and automotive. Having graduated from Swansea University he brings a fresh and young approach to design and creativity. He is very in touch with the latest ideas and innovations, as well as being tuned in to the latest trends in social media. Philip also extends Brookstone’s artistic capabilities with his freehand sketching skills. He keeps us on our toes with his witty one liners that can appear right out of the blue sometimes! If you ever want to open a conversation with Philip, try approaching the topic of gadgets (especially Sony) or cars! But be warned, once you start him off you’ll struggle to stop him!

Aaron Moore
Senior Developer

Aaron is a huge source of creative and technical inspiration for Brookstone’s clients, his key strengths are coding and conceptual design, creating ideas and marketing media for businesses. Aaron studied at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College and has a natural ability to understand a client’s brief and then meet and exceed their requirements. If you’re looking for someone to take your idea forward then you should be asking for Aaron! We think Aaron would be good in the secret service as we hardly hear anything of him, he glides in, sits down, works hard and then glides back out with barely a word spoken! Is that because he’s quiet or does the poor chap struggle to get a word in edgeways in our office? You be the judge!

“Pop in for a coffee...”

...and tell us about your marketing idea.

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Tell us when you would like to pop in for a creative meeting with a designer, or ask us a question. We hope to hear from you soon!