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We are SEO experts with extensive knowledge of Google, AdWords & the Google Display Network.

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The top 5 business listings on Google receive over 54% of the search traffic and the lions share of online enquiries and sales. They get to the top through SEO and well written websites...

Your website can get to the top 5 too!



Many companies turn away when the phrase website SEO is mentioned, they see it as too difficult and too costly, but as a result they miss the opportunity of receiving their share of thousands of searches each month by viewers searching for their services or products. They're missing the chance of walking into the office each morning to a mailbox full of enquiries & sales due to their SEO!

SEO keywording and backlinking used to be the only thing needed to get high on Google and make sales, but nowadays the search engines are far too smart to be taken in by that alone and backlinks have more potential to knock you off the search engines than get you on to them. They still look for some SEO keywording but they're also actively looking at meta data, linking page content, social media, alt tags and many other things. They're also putting huge emphasis on the quality of content in the website itself, it needs to be useful, relevant and of high value to the reader.

Google likes you if others do first

The search engines now actively monitor how a viewer interacts with the website, for instance if they repeatedly see viewers typing in a search term but then quickly exiting the site, it will be scored down. If they stay on the site and click links it will be scored up.

SEO really is complex these days but the result to the viewer is far better than it used to be. The result to business owners is far better too as the viewer is putting more trust in the results the search engines provide, so it's well worth getting to the top.

Getting SEO help

Brookstone are well suited to companies seeking proactive SEO support. A typical SEO program begins with a meeting to discuss the aims of the website and the phrases and keywords the business would like to be appearing for. From there an SEO appraisal of the website takes place to work out if the site can meet all the owners expectations, and if so how we will do it.

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